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Mikey Burke Michael Patrick Burke ("Mikey") was born in San Diego, California on September 11, 1979. Mikey is the third of four brothers (Jimmy, Johnny, Mikey and Eddy). His father Jim was a career naval officer and his mother Jane was a teacher and devoted mother. Mikey and his brothers spent most of their lives in San Diego with the the exception of three years in Alexandria, Virginia and two years in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Mikey was always a very creative person with a real talent for athletics. Growing up he and his brothers participated in swimming, waterpolo, lacross, wrestling, football and track and always had a great love for athletic achievement. Mikey went to Grossmont High School located in East County, San Diego. He excelled at athletics ranging from wrestling to water polo and throughout high school he was always working on his screenplays, which was his other great passion next to athletics. Mikey graduated from Grossmont in 1998 and went on to San Diego State University ("SDSU") to pursue a degree in Film. After a year at SDSU he decided to move to California State University Northridge ("CSUN") to get closer to Los Angeles and access to a Film program that he felt was more progressive. Mikey graduated from CSUN in 2002 with his Bachelors degree in Film.

Like most film students he worked as a freelance artist jumping from production to production in both film and television with roles ranging from Production Assistant to Cameraman. Unlike most film graduates, Mikey was never between jobs and always was aggressively pursuing his chosen career. He worked on a number of small budget films, MTV Movie Awards, Comedy Central "Top 100 Comics of all Time", as well as reality shows "The Contender" and "Renovate My Family". He built an amazing resume in just less then three years within this competitive industry. During this time he was continuously writing his screenplays and evolving as a writer. He fortunately completed his favorite screenplay two weeks prior to his death giving his family the hope to some day fulfill his dream of having one of his screenplays on the big screen.

Mikey´s life ended on October 18, 2004 along the beautiful Southern California coast in Carlsbad, California. Mikey had been working on the reality show Renovate My Family, which is a show focused on providing a complete home construction to under privileged families that had suffered a great loss or tragedy. Mikey worked as a cameraman on this show. They completed filming on October 17, 2004 and rewarded the staff with a party for a successful shoot. At the end of the party Mikey left to walk a mile from the party to his hotel. During the walk home Mikey was hit by a car marking the end of such a wonderful life. The driver of the vehicle left the accident and to this date has not been found.

The brief summary of Mikey´s life above does not come close to capturing the wonderful and exciting person he was and nothing will ease the pain of our loss, but we will try to fill that great void with the reward we get from the great acts of his charity.
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